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Chinese Checkers 16"

A heritage game board with hand-selected hardwoods is played with 2, 4 or 6 players. The idea of the game is to manipulate your marbles across the board to occupy the star point directly opposite.

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Marble Transit

This fun small board will go anywhere. It is 10" long x 1 " wide board played with 8 " marbles. Placed on opposite ends of the shuttle are 4 marbles of the same color; the center hole is left empty. The object of the puzzle is to reverse the marbles using one of two permissible moves: A marble can slide forward into an empty space, or a marble can jump another marble of the opposite color. It's tricky - but can be done!

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Colossal Marble Solitaire Wooden Game Board16"

This beautiful one-player game, has 32 marbles to start and an empty spot in the middle. Simply jump one marble over another removing them until there is one marble left in the center position. If there is more than one marble, you lose! Gorgeous hardwoods combine to create this colorful classic played with 1" inch marbles.

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Deluxe Cribbage Board

This Deluxe Hardwood Cribbage Board features laser graphics depicting all the numeral and line sections with silhouettes of skunk and double skunk. This board also includes a storage drawer and metal pegs with playing cards and instructions to play the game.

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Grab Itt!

Grab It! is a fun, fast paced game, that measures 10"x 3/4" oval - This two player game is played in alternating turns, Each player grabs all of the same color marbles of from each column (only one color per turn). The first player to grab 25 marbles is the winner.

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Mancala Board Game

Versions of this game have been played for hundreds of years.This 2-player turn-based strategy game is played with small glass gems. Your objective is to capture all or some set of the opponent's gems;. The board dimensions are 6" wide and 18" long, a game the kids and adults will love. Included: extra gems, a gem bag, and game play instructions.

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 Marble Solitaire game board 11"

Through a progressive process the intricate wood pattern in this game board is created. The woods are all their natural color so the beauty of the wood species is on display. A clear varnish finish is used to protect the wood. This quality Marble Solitaire game board is 11" in diameter, and 3/4" thick. It comes with colorful, 1" diameter marbles in a wide variety of colors. Besides being a family board game it is the ultimate entertainer for your guests. This game attracts anyone that comes into the room. It's a fun and easy game to play, but very challenging to beat. Rules and instructions are included with the game. A solution to beat Solitaire is available. Send $5.00 to Marble Board Games, LLC for a copy. See bottom of page for mailing address.

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Irk (Aggravation) Game Board

This popular game of chance is a family favorite and is played with dice and colorful 3/4" diameter marbles. A game everyone loves to play because it stimulates excitement. With the roll of a die, each player moves their marbles around the board back to home. If an opponent lands on your marble by exact count your marble is "IRK"-ed and must return to base to start again. The board measures 16" in diameter with rules and instructions.

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