Chinese Checkers for Two Chinese Checkers for Two Default Manufacturer Using the same rules as the traditional Chinese checkers - Chinese Checkers for Two is fun for you and a friend. The board measures 16" x 10" and is a beautiful oval shape. cc3 55.00 Marble Board Games
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Chinese Checkers for Two

Chinese Checkers for Two
Chinese Checkers for Two
Players take turns to move a single marble of their own color. In one turn a marble may either be simply moved into an adjacent hole or it may make one or more hops over other marbles. Where a hopping move is made, each hop must be over an adjacent marble and into a vacant hole directly beyond it. Each hop may be over any colored marble including the player's own marble. After each hop, the player may either finish or, if possible and desired, continue by hopping over another marble. Occasionally a player will be able to move a marble all the way across the board and into the opposite side in one turn. The first player to occupy all 10 destination holes is the winner.

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